Term of services


Global Market Centre subscription covers three main areas of its
eCommerce  services;

Online Business Listing (GMC Cybershop) which captures business
Name, Address, GSM Number, Whatsapp, E-mail, Instagram, Facebook, Blog,
Pictures, videos etc what the subscriber does, produces or sales

Access to GMC Market Place for all year round display of
products and their prices for sales

Automatic Membership of GMC Global Business Forum.

Global Market
Centre is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience incurred in any
transactions between persons dealing directly with subscribers listed on this
website without recourse to the management

engaging the GMC management to source for any information concerning any
product or organization either on GMC website or from any other source minimum
N360 is paid to submit a request form for such task. The full consultancy fee
for the task is charged based on the volume or magnitude of the task

the initial two years of subscription, annual renewal fee of either onetime
payment of NGN6, 000 or N100 Monthly payment through the year by the
subscribers  GSM Line deductions or
though the local meeting of MSMEs Forum the members belongs to

Each GMC Cybershop Owner is entitled to an access user name and
password for his or her Dashboard with which he can access the Market Place,
Cybershop and MSMEs Business  Forum

Subscription fees are non-refundable.

GMC Managers reserve the right to take a legal action against
any subscriber that defaults in paying the subscription fees after completing
the subscription form and the Cybershop setup.

The Managers of GMC ( Global Research and Development Co. Nig.
Ltd) reserve the sole right to change terms and conditions for this website
without any notice to subscribers.


For subscribing to Global Market Centre, the subscriber
automatically qualifies as a member of its Global Business Forum by belonging
to any of the GMC Local Meeting operating as branch of the registered GMC
Cooperative Society in that region to take advantage of other services of the
platform such as; Facilitation for bulk purchases, Guarantee for Credit
Purchases, Micro Loan, Business Financing, Business Collaborations, Guarantee
for Quality Service Delivery, Enjoy Membership of the Platform for
Collaboration among Software and Hardware IT Technicians and Practitioners for Quality
IT Services, However each subscriber  will have to meet the terms and conditions of
belonging to any of these local  cooperative
society or trade association registered with Global MSMEs Forum for that
Cooperative Society or Association to Guarantee such subscriber access to these
features as mentioned above;

ii.         The Organisational Structure of Global MSMEs Forum in each
country is as Follows:

The National Governing Council ( the Highest Decision Body of
the Forum) made up of the Management of Global Research and Development Co.
Nigeria Ltd, Global Market Centre Foundational Partners and Partnering
Stakeholders and some High Net Worth Individuals who have shown exceptional
support in the promotion of the objectives of the Forum; The Governing Council
serves to Supervise the activities of the State Executive Council of the Forum
through the National Executive Council and can dissolve the National Executive
Council if it fails to meet the purpose of its operation. The Governing Council
also appoints the members of each State Supervising Committee and can dissolve
this Committee in event of failure in operation and achievement of the goals of
the Forum. The National Executive Governing Council is also responsible to
ensure that loans and welfare are dispensed to Forum members at all levels by
overseeing the administration of MSMEs Fund created by the Managers and
Promoters of Global Market Centre and Global MSMEs Forum from its proceeds for
Loan to Forum Members as well as to ensure loans giving to members are

The National Executive Council ( Elected or selected from the
members of each State Executive Council) to coordinate the activities of State
Executive members of the Forum within a Country. It Supervises the election of
members of Executive of the State Chapter and can dissolve any State Executive
upon the recommendation of the State Supervising Committee and approval by the
National Governing Council if there arise an unbearable negative report against
any State Executive Council.

The State Executive Council is appointed or elected from the
members of State Clusters or Local Chapters. It can dissolve the Executive of a
Cluster or Local Chapter with the approval of the State Supervising Committee
and Confirmation by the National Governing Council and the National Executive
Council in event of excesses of such Executive members. Other Functions of the
State Executive Council include supervising the activities of the clusters and
chapters, providing welfare for members, etc.

d.   Cluster or Local Chapter Executive members can be elected or
appointed from members of any accredited or affiliated meetings, cooperatives,
associations, etc. Cluster or local chapter Executive members shall open an
account for its members, call meetings for its members, receive savings from
its members and save in their organization account, approve and give loans to
the qualified members according to Forum modalities, register new members,
provide welfare for members when necessary in accordance with agreed modalities
at the state meetings as well as carry out any other functions agreed at
meetings in line with the objective of the Forum for the benefit of the members
individually and collectively’ Each Cluster or Local Chapter Executive Members
shall register a new member into its meeting with sum of N1, 000 only for
Register Accreditation and Daily Savings Booklet. This amount shall be distributed
as follows ( Printing Cost – N300); Cluster or Local Chapter- N500); Local
Chapter where applicable- N150. State Chapter- N40; National Executive Council-

15.       Each Cooperative Society or Association shall be established,
setup, accredited or affiliated with the Forum as a branch of Global Market
Centre/Global MSMEs Forum MCS Ltd and shall operate its own account independent
of the umbrella body for the daily savings of its members with its
President/Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as Signitaries to the Account and
with any of the two signatories to sign but with a confirmation for withdrawal
by a minimum of two Principal Officers of the State Executive Members ( State
President/Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) or State Supervising Committee Members.
however with the supervision of the MSMEs Forum which may have a Local
Representative of MSMEs Forum as one of the four signatories of such local

16.       Minimum Daily savings for every Forum
member shall be N100 and a member can chose to save multiple of this in his or
her cluster or local chapter account

17.       Any GMC Forum Participant can only get
loan approval or funding for his business after such a member must have made a
minimum 3 Months savings with his or her cluster or local chapter meeting..

18.       Only a maximum of twice the amount saved
by a member within a minimum period of 3 Months can be approved by GMC for loan
or business financing for a member

19.       Each Cooperative Society or Association is
to operate its own account independent of the Forum, however with the
supervision of the mandate of every cluster or chapter account giving an
authority to Forum to request for the statement of account of cluster or
chapter if dimmed necessary.

20.       Each Association registered with the Forum
operates its bank account in a bank approved by the Managers and Promoters of
the Forum.

21.       Period
of Forum Loan shall not exceed 6 Months with one Month Moratorium

22.       A member of the Forum pays an annual due of N3, 000 once in a
year which shall be deducted from the members daily savings with the cluster or
chapter only once in a year

23.       20% of every annual due is paid to the
forum for each member annual renewal fee while the rest of the each member
annual sue is distributed as follows; Cluster or Local Chapter( (50);
State/Province ( 25%); National Executive ( 5%),

24.       A member can withdraw all his or her
savings at any point with at least 4 weeks’ notice upon which all charges shall
be deducted before payment of the amount to such a member.

25.       A member who has taken loan from the Forum
cannot withdraw from the Forum until he or she has completely paid all the loan
collected from the Forum and also make a minimum additional 1 Year savings
before requesting for an exit.

26.       Each local Chapter can at its own
discretion decide on issues concerning welfare for its members provided the
funding for such expenses does not come from member savings. A cluster or
Chapter can request for Welfare support for its members from the State and
national Executive.

27.       Loans are approved and paid at the State
Executive Loan Meeting where all Cluster and Chapter leaders meet with the
State Executive to rectify and pay members that apply for loans in each State
and with The Forum Managers represented in each state meeting for an
advancement of loans to members

28.       Global MSMEs Forum will approve loans for
Members once in 2 Months starting from 1st Week of November, 2018, however the
duration for loan approval and payment may be reduced or increased depending on
members response to repayment..

29.       All State Chairman and Secretary shall
meet once in 3 Months with the National Executive of Forum Country Chapter and
the Management of Global Market Centre for appraisals. This meeting shall be
preceded with similar meeting at the state level where all Local Associations
and cooperative Chairmen, Secretaries, treasures an Financial Secretaries shall
meet with the State executives members of state coordination chapter to review
success of the initiative.

30.       All expenses for meetings at the state and
national level should be defrayed from each local chapter for its delegates,
state chapter for its delegates and national chapter for its delegates without
affecting the daily savings of members.

31.       National Joint Meetings of Delegates of
Local , State and national chapter shall be frequently rotated among the
regional quarters of a country.

32.       Every Meeting, Cooperative, Association,
Club, etc accredited and registered with Global MSMEs Forum or affiliated to
the Forum is bound to a common Understanding with one another as a Business
Forum through which its members can access the various services and benefits of
the Forum Membership enumerated above and hence the Executive Members of each
Meeting, Cooperative, Association, etc whether by election or by appointment
shall comply to agreement reached at any State Executive Meeting for lending of
money or providing of Welfare to Members within a State and Across the Country.
Hence at every sitting of Executive Members of Clusters, Local Chapters and the
State Executive, the State President can direct any Cluster or Local Chapter
Executive to move fund from its own Bank Account to any other member Account
for giving of Loans to members whose Cluster or Chapter do not have enough fund
to meet the loan demand of its members as long as this is the general decision
of meeting..

33.       No Cluster or Local Chapter has the power
to make any withdrawal from its Bank Account without the Confirmation of at
least 2 Principal Officer of each State Executive Members or 2 Principal
Officers of State Supervising Committee.

34.       Any Group, Meetings, Association,
Cooperative Society, registered or affiliated with Global MSMEs Forum can
withdraw from the Forum by writing to the Forum Governing Council through the
State Supervising Committee with all the members of such cluster or chapter
signing the Forum Organisational Discontinuity Form to be provided by the
Governing Council. Upon the confirmation of the discontinuity application, the
Forum shall withdraw its control over the account of such group provided
members of such chapter or cluster are not in any way owing any other member
organization or individual in cash or in kind. In event that not all the
members of a cluster or chapter signs for discontinuity of any cluster or
chapter, the individual members that sign for discontinuity will be treated as
individuals discontinuity application and the membership terminated while those
willing to continue will be reconstituted to for the Executive positions and account
signatories of the chapter or cluster.



  1. Before
    displaying any product  for sale on
    GMC Market Place the seller must have formally subscribed to GMC platform
    with part or full payment of the minimal N4, 500GMC Cybershop subscription
    or N15, 000 for Diamond Subscription or N100,000 for premium advert for
    two years
  2. The seller would
    have to confirm his or her acceptance of GMC Market Place terms of sales
    by completing the GMC Market Place terms and condition sales form
  3. Payment for
    every product sold on GMC Market Place is made through Global Market
    Centre online official bank account in the name of Global Research and
    Dev. Co. Nig. Ltd
  4. Each seller is
    to confirm to Global Market Centre that any product displayed for sale on
    GMC Market Place is of good and standard quality
  5. Payment to the
    owner of any product sold via GMC market Place is made upon the
    confirmation of delivery or collection of the product by the buyer.
  6. Each seller is
    to ensure that the specification of the product displayed on the platform
    is exactly what he or she has in the store.
  7. For any
    product rejected by the buyer upon delivery based on incoherence in
    product specification displayed, the seller bears the cost of any
    inconveniences with 7% agency services payable to Global Market Centre by
    the seller irrespective of whether the buyer collects the product or not
  8. GMC managers Charge a buyer 3%
    for any purchases GMC facilitates in linking the buyer  to the seller and 4% for any successful
    sales GMC helps the seller to sale.
  9.  Every seller is by rule mandated to
    always update the status of the product displayed for sale in terms of
    latest price and availability
  10. The prices
    tagged to any product does not cover the cost of delivery of such product.
    The cost of delivery of any product to any buyer will be subject to
    further evaluation based on the location of the product and the buyer.
  11. The
    GMC Managers shall not be responsible for any risk of any transaction with
    a Cybershop Owner on GMC for which it was not informed about before the
    commencement of such transaction.
  12. Global
    Market Centre Product Posting does not display GSM line of the seller for
    the purposes of checking fraud. However subscribers phone numbers can be
    provided to any client of GMC wishing to do business with any or group of
    subscribers upon the confirmation of the purpose of the application for
    such contacts with the such subscriber or group of subscribers properly
  13.  Any Product posted on the GMC Market
    Place must be confirmed by GMC management that such product exists and of
    certified global quality





COMPANY BANK DETAILS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hereby accept the terms and condition for selling my
product/services via GMC Market Place









by Global Research & Dev. Co. Nig Ltd, Mangers and Promoters of Global
Market Centre and & Global Market Centre Cooperative Society Ltd