Who is GMC?

GMC means Global Market Centre. The business of GMC is ecommerce.
Ecommerce business in practical term is about using the internet to promote ones business, buy things, sell to customers, pay and collect monry from customers. It is simply business operations, transactions, promotions, etc, via the internet by creating  using and managing an  appropriate website. There are many examples of ecommerce brand like amazon, alibaba, jumia, ebay, indian mart, konga, etc.
Global market centre uniqueness is the cooperative business meetings and its special programme to ensure micro and very  small buisnesses also enjoy internet presence
Global market centre ecommerce business meetings are formed in markets, streets, communities, etc. Each business meeting has its executive and they make daily contribution which is paid to a common account nationally. A subcriber can join the meeting and pay his or her subscription fee through the meeting he or she has joined. A meeting member can borrow money through the meeting.
A member can borrow money from gmc if he belongs to gmc business meetings and makes minimum n100 daily contribution in the meeting. One can borrow 2 times what he has contributed in the meeting after six months.
No other payment is required to join gmc business meetings once a business has registered. In other words, the 2 years subscription fee for gmc website also covers gmc meeting membership registration.
Tenure for subscription on gmc platform is 2 years
Global market centre is a private company formed and owned by a group of indviduals and members of the gmc cooperative socjety that are shareholders.
Global market centre is promoted and managed by global research and development company nigeria ltd, registered with cac since 1998 and the global market centre cooperative society ltd registered in each state of the federation

User Registration


  • To register on our platform, click on the "Register" button on the top right section of any page of the website.
  • Fill your username, password and email address in the form that opens.
  • Tick the check boxes to agree to the privacy policy and the terms of usage.
  • Click on the "register" button
An activation link will be sent to the email address you used for registering on the website. Click on the link to complete your registration.
You can also call 08167695689 to assist you.

User Login

User Login

To login, click on the "login" button at the top right corner of every page on our website,

Type your login details and click "Login"

Post a Product

Add a Listing

To add a new listing.

  • Click on the "add a listing" button on the main menu.
  • Choose any of the pricing plans and make payment through the secure payment channel. When your payment is complete, the "Add listing" page appears.
  • Add all details of your listing and click "save and preview"
  • If you're ok with the listing details, click on "publish", otherwise click "edit" to make changes

Pay Through The Website

Making Payment Through The Website
Our payment structure is provided by Paystack. All payments on the website are handled and provided by them and so your payment details are secure.
If you wish to pay for a listing plan, or to buy any product through the website, simply type your debit card (ATM Card) details in the payment form that appears and click on "Pay"

Basic Features of GMC

Shop ( Business Listing ): For registration of business and to give them Internet
Presence by taking their business address, contact, pictures of their business
and products and giving them a space on GMC website: www.globalmktcentre.com

Store: A space for each registered business on GMC website to display the
prices of the goods and services for customers to see, buy and pay them through
the GMC website

Forum/Meetings: A cooperative based business meeting for GMC subscribers to
join freely. This provides subscribers opportunity to take loan, buy things
with others in large quantity at  low
prices, it enables people doing hand work to have insurance based guarantee for
their services as well as pension in their old age

Requirements for Registering a Business on GMC Website

readiness and willingness of a business owner to register his business and to
pay the 2 years registration fee

Address of the business; The name of the Business: The GSM Number of the
Business: The name of the Owner of the Business: The pictures of what the
person is doing or selling: Prices and pictures of 5 products the person is

the above submitted in a completed physical or electronic registration form

Our Target Customers

Micro, Small, Medium, Large businesses, such as traders, farmers,
producers, professionals, Artisans, Hand work of all kinds whether carpenter,
mechanics, restaurants, barbers, hair dressers, barbing salons, hawkers,
workers, etc.

Our Distinguishing Factors

Business Forum/Meetings ( GMC is cooperative based )

eCommerce provides opportunity for all class of business no matter how small or
great to have Internet presence

Pricing Options

000 payable in 30 days for a two year subscription

weekly in 6 weeks for a 2 year subscription

daily for 70 days for a 2 year subscription

GMC Management Team

Organizational team of GMC include members of the governing council and the management team. Chairman of the governing council is prof. Aham Anyanwu, the national coordinator/CEO is Engr. Isidore Ehochi and the chairman of the cooperative business meetings is Dr. Unachukwu Uche Osborne. More of the governing council team and management can be seen on the website at About Us page.

Contact Info

The present operational base of GMC is avan global house, world bank last round about, owerri, imo state.
To reach the management of GMC call 08167695689 or send a whatsapp message to same number


GMC does not approve  collection of registration fee from customers by any body or agent except either through the gmc bank account provided or through the business meetings or partnership with mtn or online payment via the GMC website with a minimum N5,000 one time payment

Ready to Register?

To start registering businesses on GMC website, you need to go through GMC physical or online orientation programme and them submit all required accreditation detail for GMC to register you and give you registration code. All preparation for accreditation is at no cost. However for GMC id card you will need to pay N1,000 only. You will also be required to download and print GMC subscription form and fliers or use the online version for your own marketing and registration.

Benefits of Registering

can benefit in registering businesses on GMC eCommerce website either as a
Freelance Registration Agent or as a Competitor Registration Agent.

a Freelance Agent you  are not bound by
terms and condition for subscription registration and you can register
businesses on GMC website casually and earn N1, 000 for every business you
register. You are paid N1, 000 per subscription you register once the
subscriber pays a minimum of 50% of the subscription fee. You can also earn 5%
commission from any amount earned by anyone you refer to join the registration
agent team whether as a freelance agent or as a Competition Participating Agent

are also qualified to function as a business facilitator at the end of the
season promotion program by coordinating the subscribers you have registered
for sales, purchases and other business facilitation with GMC as the platform
for all transactions. Through this arrangement you can make weekly business
deals that can earn you a 10% to 20% commission from each successful business

d.      As a Competition Participating
Registration Agent You are bound by terms and condition for the competition
which GMC establishes in each stage of the competition.  You earn N1, 000 for every business you
register, You earn additional N10, 000 bonus an Android Phone at the end of the
stage of the competition if you meet the target of 150 Sales within 15 days,
however you lose only the N10, 000 bonus if you meet the target in 22 days. As
a Competitor your transaction facilitating commission for sales, purchases and
other business coordination  for those
people you registered is between 15% to 30%. As a Competition Participation
Registration Agent your commission on the income of any other registration
agent income is 5%. Finally as a competition Participating Registration Agent
you stand the chance of winning other prizes of the competition which include,
Laptops, Solar Generators and Brand New Innoson Cars.